One Dream is Not Enough

This book is a glimpse of the many thrilling, exciting and hair-raising adventures Mr. Badri Baldawa has undertaken over 75 years, right from the day of his birth. Almost all these expeditions were supported and accompanied by his wife, Pushpa Baldawa. Over the years he has travelled to 65+ countries and dreams to cover many more.

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The Book

A Memoir of Grand Ambitions, Dreams and Challenges.

On an epic road trip from Mumbai to London, Badri Baldawa’s granddaughter Nishi asks him about his many adventures. She had joined him on his drive around Iceland where their car broke down and she wondered what other adventures her Nana must’ve had. When Badri tells her about a terrifying incident from his Kailash-Mansarovar trip 30 years ago, it only whets her appetite for his stories. There begins the narration—the life of Badri Baldawa—as told by him, punctuated by the many sights and stops on their 72-day self-drive road trip from Mumbai to London.

The book is an amazing collection of adventures and experiences in 378 pages. The Book is available in 9"x6" Paperback and Hardcover.



Travelled to more than 65 countries and still counting.


First Indian to travel on an expediton to the North Pole.


At the age of 64 trekked solo to the Mount Everest Base Camp.

High Flyer

Awarded Udyog Ratna by All India Stainless Steel Association in 2017.

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As I approached 68 (2013), my son, Anand insisted that I had proven enough in my 45-year long career and it was time I took life a little easy. I could do more of what I love the most - travel. My son-in-law, Navin suggested that I write and share my experiences, “Being a self-made man, you should tell the next generation how you overcame various obstacles, in both, business and societal life.” He pointed out that a blog had the potential to take my voice to many, many more.

I am a thrill, fun and adventure seeker 24x7x365. First Indian to step on 90°N, North Pole, trekked to Mt Everest BC and Mt Kailash. Senior most to self-drive from Mumbai to London at the age of 73, a drive through 19 countries, 22,200 kilometres over 72 days. I felt, through this blog, I could and should share my experiences. Hopefully, readers would find some bits useful and if not, they’d enjoy the read. Look forward to interact with you in the comments section.

Round the World in 60 Seconds

If one has to travel around the world, one could do it near the equator or the Tropic of Capricorn or Cancer or any latitude. Which basically means you have to go around the axis of the earth. 90°N is also a point on the axis of the earth. At this point, it would take the shortest time to travel round the world.

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Himalayan Positive Attitude

A Nepalese sherpa accompanied me. I checked if it was a special occasion or festival that people were enjoying so merrily. The reply was very interesting.

He said: “This particular tribe in Tibet have their dinner early, at sunset and enjoy talking and laughing all the time during dinner. However, they have another very special tradition...Read More

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